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As a non-profit, we rely solely on the support of our donors. All proceeds go directly to our efforts in providing equitable access to learning resources among primary school students in Uganda. We are currently focusing on providing education game packages of the 5 STA-Z to Ugandan refugee students. All game packages are distributed at zero cost and your support would mean a lot not just to My Home Stars but to the children and communities that you are supporting.

My Home Stars Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donations will be tax deductible. Our Tax ID is 92-3026694.

Join us in fighting for equitable access to learning resources among underprivileged communities. Your contribution will empower many primary school students that we worked with to succeed in their education.

Thank you for your support in providing greater access to learning among underserved students. This will have lasting positive effects on their education and empower them to lead better lives.

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