Your African Quest (YAQ)

An Adventure Into Africa's Diversity

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Your African Quest is an exciting educational card game that takes players on a journey to learn and explore Africa’s rich diversity in five Quest categories: Countries and Cities, Food, Nature, People, and Culture.


Are you curious and excited to learn about the geography, history & culture of the African continent? If the answer is yes, then Your African Quest is a must-have game for you! 

All of you need is a group of 3 to 8 players, aged 12 and above from any background. Its a real treat and a true adventure!

COBURWAS Primary School students receiving the 5 STA-Z games
The 5 STA-Z game as a learning tool in classrooms at the Kyangwali Refugee Camp
100% of revenue from Your African Quest sales directly supports our social mission in Uganda
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Your African Quest was inspired by the need to share some of Africa’s fascinating history and diversity, that has often been overlooked, misunderstood, and misrepresented. It is critical to challenge stereotypes but most importantly to learn to celebrate differences.

This game was created as a way to continue raising support for the work Joel and Anson have been doing in Uganda through the distribution of the 5 STA-Z games. Every dollar raised through the sales of Your African Quest will go towards making learning more accessible to school-going children in refugee camps across Uganda. 

We strongly believe that a fun and dynamic game such as Your African Quest can bring people together to foster social connections, expand one’s knowledge, and expand social causes.


Joel and Anson, friends and boardgame enthusiasts who met in the summer of 2018 when they were taking summer classes together at University of Wisconsin-Madison. At that time they are both undergraduate students in the Civil Engineering department at UW. 

Driven by curiosity, they partnered to create the 5 STA-Z, an educational boardgame that breaks down the Ugandan primary education curriculum to make learning fun and accessible to refugee children in Uganda. 

Joel & Anson selfie